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124. Time Management for Different Seasons: Change with Grace in Motherhood by Shifting Your Mindset Part 2

Hey Mama!


Welcome to part 2 of shifting your mindset in those season changes! Every season has it's challenges. Some are easier than others, in life these days, it seems that no matter the season they are busy. That seems to be the consistency between every season we go through doesn't it?


We kinda get things figured out, maybe, a little bit, then things change, schedule changes, our kids change their nap schedule, our work schedule changes, our older kids get involved in other activities, have more play dates, more activities, the younger kids get more active, you move, you get more tired, maybe like me you have a fun surprise of twins on the way in an already busy season...or even just the small shifts day to day as things adjust, or we get sick, we all have a lot going on, our seasons change and whether we like it or not, we have to adapt to them.


It's not easy. We already feel like a hot mess mom trying to manage the massive amount of things we are responsible for, but then everything changes and we are thrown off, we lose our footing, we get further behind on that massive to-do list, and we just want to sit down and cry. The overwhelm takes over, the stress and anxiety of what's to come because we just can't manage it all comes on us, and we want to quit. But we can't quit, it's not an option to clock out, so we just trudge through, worn out and a shell of who we want to be, only to be thrown off again by the next shift. Now, it's not always this bad, some seasons and shifts can really knock us down like that.


Others, it's more of just stress and anxiety, and we know we could have handled that situation a little bit better, we could have talked to our kids or our husband in a kinder way instead of yelling when we got know, the things that tend to come out when us mamas are tired and stressed with all the things on our plate.


Today, we are exploring how to adapt and thrive in different seasons of life with grace. That's from simple things like staying calm and not yelling when you get stressed, to managing the massive changes to keep yourself from cracking and breaking. Whether you're facing a busy work season, navigating personal changes, or simply looking to enhance your time management skills, this episode has something for everyone. No more hot mess mom!


Love you Mama!



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